My First PTA Meeting That Had Allergy Friendly Food


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I was a little crazed about getting there. Since, I was at school four times earlier that day. And, being under the weather, I was starting to phase out. My main focus was to observe, assess any potential hazard, and hear news about the school.

Unfortunately, we arrived later than I expected. We hurriedly, looked around for the meeting room. I was approached by a teacher (she was waiting for us) who told the kids they were going to be playing with some cool toys. While, the grownups went to a boring meeting. Toys! If they could be there any faster…Hurry Mom!

Settling In

We brought Julian and Brandt to the babysitting room. I spoke to the lady in charge and informed her about their allergies. She already knew that the boys were coming. They were given their snack (crackers and applesauce) that was supplied specifically for them. As J. said, it was the best applesauce eber! (his v’s sound like b’s.) I raced back to the meeting.

Sat Back and Listened

When, I’m somewhere by myself and not relaxed about being there without the kids. I have a thumping in my chest due to anxiety. It’s similar to watching the boys while I’m cooking. I have one eye out for them, as I am trying to focus on my task.

But, tonight it was different. I sat in the back of the room. Not near the exit (partly because I was late and it was the only seat left). I sat back and just listened. I was able to focus on one thing only.

Thrilling response

Brandt’s principal brought up the topic of food allergies (we talked about in our preceding meeting). And, the response was great. A lot of ideas and dialogue. Many new things may be put in place. Did I mention the receptiveness? What more could I want? Just the ability to be heard.

Everything went well. They made us feel very welcome and comfortable. They supplied foods that  were allergy friendly. And, the kids got to enjoy babysitting from someone they didn’t know. What a nice way to end a hectic day!

See If You Build It, They Will Come (meeting with the principal)


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2 Responses to “My First PTA Meeting That Had Allergy Friendly Food”

  1. Allie Says:

    Divvies (made without peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk) cookies are served at every PTA meeting at our school. It’s wonderful to see parents and children, with or without food allergies, all enjoying the same treats. Divvies are delicious.

  2. under4minutes Says:

    Hi Allie,
    That’s great! Yes, Divvies makes awesome cookies. (My son also likes EnjoyLIfe Snickerdoodles.) Couple of questions: Are there a lot of allergic children in your school? Do they only serve allergy friendly foods at the meeting?

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